Hayward WI Cabin Recreational Guide

If you are familiar with the Hayward Lakes area then you know that there are a wide-variety of recreational choices, attractions, and festivals that offer something for everyone in the family.   While visiting Hayward Lakes site, don’t forget to check out the “Things To Do” tab and click on day trips!  Both web listings do a really great job of covering the bases on all that the Hayward area has to offer.  Still, OGE would like to let you know what’s available right outside your front door, along with a few of our favorites - please click on the links below to find out more.  If you have questions

about what you find, don’t hesitate to contact us; we’re here to help you enjoy your

stay and make memories that will last for years to come!




OGE has without a doubt one of the finest sugar sand beachfronts found anywhere on Lost Land Lake.  To lighten your packing load a bit, there will be a few beach and inflatable toys waiting for you when you arrive. 




The amount of sandy beach that is exposed varies depending on the water level; it could be as pictured or the sand could be completely covered with water, either way the shoreline and swimming area sand out to the dock will be there for all to enjoy, weed free and without drop-offs.




Lost Land Lake is blessed with a 10mph speed-limit (no motor size limit), no wake within 100’ of shoreline, and no watersports allowed to include: no jet-skiing, waterskiing, or tubing.  OGE is nestled just inside Green Point in Wilson Bay, which makes our location ideal for small-craft water enthusiasts.  Feel free to bring your own canoe, kayak, or small sailboat.  If fishing is what you enjoy, a 14’ Alumacraft V-hull 4-seat boat with anchors and oars is included with your rental and OGE offers its’ own private concrete boat/launching ramp for your personal use*.  You may bring or rent two additional boats or a pontoon from Wilson Bay Lodge for a maximum of three (3) motorized watercraft on premises during your stay per WI DNR regulations. 

* The ability to launch a boat from the boat ramp is dependent upon the water level upon arrival, the type of boating trailer, and the size of the boat being launched.   If you bring a boat is must be completely sanitized prior to launching per OGE’s Rental Agreement.




So, if you don’t own or don’t plan to bring a pontoon, may we suggest you pack a picnic lunch and rent one from Wilson Bay Lodge for a ½ day, or full week of sightseeing on Lost Land and Teal Lakes.  A mile long meandering thoroughfare connects the two lakes; affording you the opportunity to enjoy your lunch on one of two DNR owned wilderness islands.  Check out a map of the Quiet Lakes by clicking on the Map tab, and then click on the top map illustration of Lost Land or Teal Lake.


Hiking and Mountain Biking:


Bring your hiking boots or your mountain bike along because you’re sure to enjoy all that the Chequamegon National Forest has to offer to include solitude, wildlife, and open-air adventure.  You can start out by walking out OGE's front door and riding bikes around the paved circular drive, or go for a walk or a ride down the road, or really get adventurous and venture off onto one of the many hiking or mountain biking trails.  Two of the trails are a 5-minute bike/ 10-minute hike away, with one of the trails a Camba mountain biking trail that traverses hundreds of miles of area wilderness. 


Wildlife, Sunsets, and Star-Gazing:


You’re in the forest, among the trees, and yes…the wildlife is everywhere, so bring your binoculars.  If you remember that you are the guest and treat your furry and feathered neighbors as the residents, you may see (on property!) everything from deer, black, red, and/or flying squirrels, ground squirrels, fox, ducks, geese, loons, seagulls, whooping cranes, Great Blue Heron, falcons, and the magnificent bald eagle.   

As the day draws to a close, weather permitting, you may want to hangout by waters edge or on the dock and take in a sunset or two.  The West facing lakeside view will give you a front row seat to some of the most spectacular sunsets you’ll ever witness.  Bring your telescope as well, because if it’s a clear night, you’ll be thankful that you’re miles away from the bright city lights as the summer sky fills with millions of stars and planetary viewing becomes possible. 


You may even be treated to a rare and special showing of the Aurora Borealis.  Should it be a cloudy night, no problem, just gather around the fire-pit to enjoy some Smores and storytelling!



Some of OGE's Favorites:


*If you want directions to any of these places let us know, or ask the proprietors.



Boat, Boat Motor, Pontoon, Canoe, and Kayak Rental - 

















Wilson Bay Lodge - 

OGE only allows boat, boat motor, and pontoon rentals from Wilson Bay Lodge for two main reasons. First, you won’t find nicer people in the Northwood’s than Jim & Judy Tomasik!  Jim’s motors and pontoons are like new, his prices are extremely reasonable, and he’s 5-minutes away.  OGE strongly recommends reserving your rental upon booking the property to make sure you’ll have it during your stay. or 715-462-3813.  Second, OGE supports protecting Lost Land and Teal lakes from the aquatic invasive species that are in surrounding lakes.   OGE does not want to ever be responsible for one of its’ guests bringing these costly destructive weeds into either of these lakes.


NOTE:  OGE does not receive any sort of “kick-back” from Wilson Bay Lodge for referrals; it is our pleasure to introduce and share this resource with you.  


Bait, Tackle, Boat Motor Gas:

Happy Hooker Bait & Tackle  - As their catch phrase implies is the closest “One Stop Northwood’s Shop.”  It is on your way to the lake house on Upper A just off of Route 77.  If you just need a loaf of bread, some quick bait/tackle, or boat motor gas, they are 7 miles from the lake house.  OGE has never had a problem with their boat motor gas. 715-462-3984 


Hayward Bait and Tackle:

OGE had recommended Pastikas for many years, but unfortunately their doors closed due to tough economic times.  Hayward Bait and Tackle is located at 15737 US 63 North in Hayward 715-634-2921.


Hayward Fishing Websites:


National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame:

10560 Hall of Fame Drive715-634-4440   


Favorite Hayward Radio Station:

WRLS Vacationland Radio 92.3 FM - Mainly for weather reports



Breakfast - 

Perkins located at 15629 Railroad Street in Hayward715-934-4460 


Dinner -

Lost Land Lake Lodge - located 9436 W. Brandt Rd in Brandt Bay on Lost Land Lake.  Eight miles from the lake house; turn-off is near Happy Hooker Bait & Tackle (about a 15 minute drive).  Famous for their all-you-can-eat fish fry.  715-462-3218


Chippewa Inn Supper Club - located at the junction of County Roads A & B, 9702N County Rd B.  Great German cuisine, but a bit pricey.715-462-3648



Marketplace Foods - located 10514 Main St (end of S. Main St) right behind Pastika’s off of St. Rd 27.  Great baked goods, & full liquor/beer/wine section if desired to include local vineyard offerings.715-634-8996


Wal-Mart Supercenter - located 15594 St. Hwy 77  One-stop shopping, when saving time and getting to the lake house is a priority.715-634-8228 


****Don’t forget to get your WI fishing license at one of the bait stores or at Wal-Mart!**** 

Ice Cream: 

West’s Hayward Dairy - located 15848 W. 2nd St. (right off of the heart of Main St).  Unbelievable homemade ice cream!  Call ahead for hours of operation.715-634-2244



Tremblay’s Sweet Shop - located 221 Main St. (heart of Main St.) Out of this world homemade fudge and peanut brittle!  This turn-of the century style candy store is one that Willie Wonka would be envious of.  It's a must stop if you like sweets.  NOTE: They only take cash; no credit cards.  715-634-2785

Well, those are a few of OGE's recommendations.  If after visiting you think there is something we should add to this list based on your experiences, please let us know by calling 708-829-4649 or emailng